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How to choose the device for manicure

If you want to always keep their nails in perfect condition, but it does not have the possibility to frequent beauty salons, the best option for you is to buy a suitable apparatus, with which you can quite professionally handle the nail plate and in the home. Because this thing is not cheap, so as not to be disappointed, it is necessary to choose carefully.

How to choose the device for manicure

Instruction how to select the device for manicure

Step 1:

When you purchase the device for manicure, try to focus on the mid-market. Very expensive devices in the home you to anything, and will work cheap bad, and damage repair them will be impossible. Even if the weight of the handle in a cheap device is large enough, it does not mean that a lot of detail and quality are there. Rather, he simply thicker body.

Step 2:

Pay attention to the warranty system. How is it longer than a reliable company that produces such machines. Very good, if the manufacturers of these devices have a service center for maintenance, in which you can contact for repairs, or prophylaxis.

Step 3:

Hold you liked the device in the hand-mill pen must be small in diameter and is convenient for you, so it can be run without stress. Weight handles must be uniform and very small (150-200 g). In this case, handle the cuticle can be more accurate.

Step 4:

It is better if your device is capable of performing a variety of operations - from correction of nails, their capacity to design and pedicure.

Step 5:

If possible, find out what is the margin of safety in your vehicle. If it will overheat after prolonged use, you can quickly get to the building. Prefer device that has a wide voltage range - from 140 to 250 volts and operating capacity - from 30 to 60 watts. By the way, even give up the idea of ​​buying a vehicle running on batteries. If the power is less than that, during operation there is risk of stopping. The number of revolutions should be up to 30 thousand. Per minute, but the motor must generate a minimum of noise.

Step 6:

Ask the seller to turn the unit on and make sure it does not vibrates in your hand, because otherwise you will not be able to perform delicate work.

Step 7:

The device should be simple to operate and protected against accidental activation. Without tips it should not work. Try as soft handle and turn on whether it is the reverse, ie, whether it is possible to adjust the reverse rotation of the tool while it is running.

Step 8:

Note the ease and speed of changing attachments. They should not simply insert and remove, and comfortable seating.

Step 9:

Look at how connected the handle and the wire. It is better if the wire cross section is circular, so it is less damaged during operation.

Step 10:

The appearance of your device does not affect the functionality and quality of his work, but if you want to use it with pleasure, this factor can be taken into account.