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How to choose the perfect hair color

Leafing through the fashion magazines and catalogs, you can literally try on new clothes, shoes and hairstyle. In most cases the desired tone of the hair you did not go. You must be able to select the optimum color matching with your appearance.

How to choose the perfect hair color

Instruction how to choose the perfect hair color

Step 1:

The choice of a new hair color mostly affects your natural hair color, skin type and eye color.

Step 2:

It is best to select a shade, a little different from your natural. After radical change of image is not for everyone. The new color should emphasize your natural beauty. If your hair is blonde, honey, light brown with a golden hue, choose all the golden tones. If the natural color of red, the ideal choice would be Red, bright copper, dark brown. When your hair color is close to black, then underline it a reddish tinge, but do not let care in red. Dark brown hair is better to refresh, adding brightness. For example, the ideal would be the color of ebony.

Step 3:

An important role in the choice of hair color of skin tone plays. It is characterized by a warm and holodnym.Teply peach and golden tone. If you have such a skin, paint the hair in red and golden color. At the same time, avoid light-brown and ashen shades, they will give sharpness and roughness chertam.Holodny your skin type and has a pale pink color. For a perfect skin will be black, brown, platinum hair and red tones. Red and golden hues all the cool type of skin does not fit, do not allow such combinations.

Step 4:

Eye color also affects the perception of hair colors. When choosing a new color is not only to focus on the iris, it is necessary to take into account and eyes, and the type of kozhi.Esli your green eyes and tanned skin, use brown, chocolate, bronze shades. With fair skin, choose light brown tona.Kogda gray eyes, and skin type is warm, then paint the hair in a nutty, chocolate, tan color. With light skin would be the perfect combination with ash and black volosami.Golubye eyes in warm color the skin become more expressive when hair color is red. Dark colors are beautiful when kozhe.Teplye pale, red, golden hues fit brown eyes, regardless of skin type.

Step 5:

Come to the color selection is seriously considering all the factors. If you are adventurous and want to completely change the image, start with a test paint special tonics. In the case of a bad experience, you will be able to regain its color, simply washing your head.