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How to choose the right brow shape

Through my eyes your face looks so impressively. However, this expression play an important role and eyebrows - eyebrow shape emphasizes the depth of your eyes, and with the help of properly selected eyebrow shape can enhance the beauty of the face and make look finished. Improper shape of the eyebrows, on the other hand, is able to break the proportions and create a negative impression of your appearance.

How to choose the right brow shape

Instruction how to choose the right brow shape

Step 1:

In order to properly determine the shape of the eyebrows, which is suitable to the type and shape of your face, measure their proportions from a scientific point of view. Take a cosmetic pencil and attach it to one end of the nose wing and put a pencil so that it passes through the inner corner of the eye. Thus, the second tip of a pencil point to the place where the brow should begin at the intersection with the brow arch.

Step 2:

Then, determine the point of maximum bending eyebrows - this slide the pencil sideways so that its end was on the wings of the nose, and the pencil passes through the pupil of the eye. Note the highest point of eyebrows. Finally, find the point where the brow should end with - for this place the pencil so that it passes through the outer corner of the eye.

Step 3:

Connect the three planned cosmetic pencil point and then guided by the line, adjusting the shape of the eyebrows. Similarly, define the main points of the second eyebrow, and then make sure that the distance between the eyebrows, not too little - it should not be less than two fingers.

Step 4:

The hairs from the eyebrows to remove only at the bottom line and growth of hair. The thickness of the eyebrows gently taper after the highest point, and from the bridge to bending the thickness of the eyebrows should not be changed.

Step 5:

Use the correct form of the eyebrows, you can also adjust the shape of your face. If you have a wide and round face, choose the shape of eyebrows with a break to reduce the roundness of the face oval. An oval face can be corrected uniformly curved eyebrows, cheeked and face - broad arched eyebrows.

Step 6:

If the eyes are close together, extend the distance between the eyebrows, the nose, and if, on the contrary, it is necessary to bring together visually reduce the distance. However, when any face shape to define the shape of eyebrows classical rule will operate proportions mentioned above.

Step 7:

For the correction of eyebrows, use a brush, tweezers and a pencil outline. Correcting eyebrows, be extremely precise and careful not to remove excess hair.