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How to curl iron

Girls having straight and long hair, often seek to change their appearance with the help of a wave. To hair fell on the shoulders of beautiful waves, not necessarily to go to a beauty salon or expose them to chemicals. You can make a perm and at home with the help of an iron.

How to curl iron

Instruction how to curl iron

Step 1:

Try to schedule a hair curling iron for a few days before the procedure, to have time to prepare the hair. As a preliminary stage after every hair wash, use the air conditioning, which will then not only speed up the process of curling, but also reduce the risk of damage or dry up hair.

Step 2:

Immediately prior to the curling iron wash your hair and rinse them thoroughly with water several times. Do not use a balm or hair mask.

Step 3:

Be sure to dry the hair. Never start to curl hair iron if they are still wet. It can destroy the structure of hair, because the remaining moisture on them by the action of heat is converted into steam. And it can burn the skin of the head and severely harm the hair.

Step 4:

Select temperature mode, which will work iron. It is best to stay on the lowest temperature at which a strand of hair will curl in the curl. perm time in this mode, of course, will grow, but the hair at the same time maintain a healthy look and shine.

Step 5:

Carefully comb the hair and divide them into smooth locks with a fine comb. Keep in mind that the thicker strand, the more time is required for clamping it in the curling iron. With fine strands easier to handle and faster. In addition, the locks obtained are smaller and last longer.

Step 6:

Treat every possible lock of thermal protector means. So you can not only protect your hair from the effects of a very high temperature, but also greatly accelerate the process of curling.

Step 7:

Hold the separated strand of hair irons and tighten it around the nozzle and start the procedure with the roots of the hair, not to their ends.

Step 8:

After fixing the locks in the iron start to keep track of time. Heating the hair should not take more than eight seconds, although some manufacturers specify the data sheet maximum time of ten seconds. Sometimes a satisfactory result it is not enough, however, to increase the time of fixing hair in iron over the set is not necessary. In such a situation it is best to pre-coat the strand Heat protective substance or take a thinner strand of.

Step 9:

In no case do not comb the curls immediately after hair curling. As this procedure provides a temporary effect, combing will only accelerate their rectification.