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How to curl straight hair

shock of hair can be given virtually any shape Thanks to modern methods of curling and styling tools. Owners of straight hair can boast playful curls, shiny curls or flowing romantic wavy locks.

How to curl straight hair

You will need:

- Curlers, curlers; - Thermo curlers; - Curling.

Instruction how to curl straight hair

Step 1:

Screw the hair with curlers. Wash your hair thoroughly or soak them, and then blot with a towel. Apply the foam to the entire length of hair. Begin to curl the strands from the top to hair turned the volume. Screw them on the curlers from the tips to the roots. For more volume on the middle and lower part of the hair curlers use the average diameter, and for the crown area - large.

Step 2:

Allow hair to dry completely. Pay special attention to the roots were completely dry. If you're short on time, use a hair dryer, but in this case, the form, is likely to continue for long. Then gently fan the hair without pulling them. Fast warm air blow strands hairdryer at maximum power. Comb, gives hair shape and sprinkle with hairspray for longer preservation installation.

Step 3:

Use hot rollers for curling. Heat in hot water, apply to the hair styling tool, and then screw the strands as well as for plastic rollers. Leave hot rollers on your hair for 20-30 minutes. After they remove the comb and comb with a few teeth.

Step 4:

Use tongs for hair, if you want to get beautiful curls cool. Spray hair thermal protection means and spread it evenly with a brush. Divide dry hair into 4 parts: head, forehead, right and left sides. Irons heat.

Step 5:

Start from the nape perm. Not thick strands of 2-3 cm wide wrap the spirals on the curling iron in the direction of a person moving from the tips to the roots. Keep no more than 10 seconds. Then, carefully unscrew them. Since the hot hair can be easily broken, do not comb them until they are completely cool. Under the weight of curl can quickly dissolve, so hold a lock in his hands as soon as you have removed it from curling, then lightly sprinkle with varnish. At the end of a wave comb, apply the fixing agent.