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How to cut your mom

If you want a little bang to shorten or trim the split ends, some women do not go to the barber shop, and asked to daughters cut their hair. So you can save time and money.

How to cut your mom

You will need:

- cape; - A comb with a few teeth; - A comb with frequent teeth; - A pair of scissors; - Clamps; - Hair gel.

Instruction how to cut your mom

Step 1:

There are some fairly simple types of hairstyles that you can make at home. But before you cut your mother prepare every needful thing. In the room where the work will be carried out, remove carpeting. Prepare a cape that protects clothes from falling hair, a comb with a few teeth, comb with frequent teeth, scissors, clamps or clips, hair gel.

Step 2:

Ask the mother to sit comfortably and smoothly. It is important that during the haircut she does not move, do not tilt the head. Lightly moisten her hair, comb it.

Step 3:

If your mom's side parting on one side, and she wants to imagine an elegant bangs, then you have to work hard. Zacheshite her hair in the direction from the top face (Figure 1). Separate the future bangs from the rest of the hair. Strands that do not participate in the haircut, move and secure the clamps so that they do not interfere with you.

Step 4:

Once again carefully comb the hair. If they strongly twisted, then grease them gel for styling. Let it dry, and you will get a straight strands. This will greatly simplify the haircut. Initially, make a bang by 3 cm longer than the planned level. If in the course of further work it turns out that it is trimmed crooked, then you will be able to trim it. Remember that wet bangs seems to 1-1.5 cm long, but having dried, it will be shorter.

Step 5:

If your mom has decided to change the hair style with classic hairstyle for fashionable "ladder", here you have to put a maximum of ingenuity and patience. Do not rely on the creation of a complex symmetrical hairstyle his inexperienced eye estimation. This can lead to tragic consequences. If you want to make a really high-quality cut, use a homemade template.

Step 6:

Take a thick cloth and make a template, vaguely reminiscent of the hood. Cut it the contours of the future hairstyles (Figure 2). Comb your hair, apply a gel for styling, straightening strands. When the gel has dried, attach the clamp your template and just cut off all protruding from under his hair ends.