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How to cut your own bangs

Direct or oblique fringe, chosen based on the individual characteristics of a person can not only elegantly conceal blemishes and smooth the appearance of defects, but also to help in the formation of a new image. In order to cut bangs, it is not necessary to contact the professionals, and it can be done at home, if you follow some simple guidelines.

How to cut your own bangs Choosing the right bang

First, you need to figure out what type of bangs will emphasize the dignity of the most beneficial feature: so, for example, straight bangs advantageous to look at the direct and thick hair; complement hairstyles in the style of "square" or "Bob"; ideal for those with regular features.

Graded bangs give the external appearance of softness and femininity. These bangs are recommended for fine or curly hair; well with the cascade haircuts; camouflages the contrast between the regrown and the colored hair; give expression round, soft faces.

Correct hold scissors

In order to properly trim the bangs and make blunders, it is necessary to learn to keep the scissors: during haircut bangs they must be placed horizontally. Thumb invest in the lower ring, ring - in the top; maintaining equilibrium provides allotted slightly toward the little finger, if there is no special scissors ring for this finger.

Technique bangs haircut

Haircut bangs straight runs on clean, dry or slightly damp hair. Hair carefully combed, fixed pins, leaving only those strands that are running haircut. To get the same bang for the length, it is necessary to hold hair comb. Haircut bangs start from the middle of performing fast accurate movements. Focusing on the length of the control strand sides trimmed bangs.

During haircuts you need to look in the mirror in front of him, not taking his eyes to the side or upwards. This measure will prevent unintentional lifting the eyebrows, causing a bang seems longer and there is a risk to shorten it a lot more than originally planned.