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How to determine the shape of the face

There are seven main types of facial contours: right, oblong, triangular, square, round, oval, "heart" oval "diamond". Each shape of the face is determined from the ratio of the width of the forehead to the chin, and width proportion of the width and length of the face. Sometimes the shape of the face once could be related to two of the all categories - a "combined" oval.

How to determine the shape of the face

Instruction how to define the shape of the face

Step 1:

Determine the shape of an oval face is quite simple: it remove the hair from her face (for example, collect them in a ponytail at the nape), that its outlines are clearly visible. Then the person is conditionally divided into proportional parts. In the vertical direction divide into 3 equal parts: before the bridge on the hairline, then to the tip of the nose and on the bridge of the nose to the chin from the tip nosa.V horizontal direction also conditionally divide the face into 3 equal parts, also starting from the beginning of hair growth to an imaginary line, which passes through the pupil, from the beginning of the growth of hair to the pupil of the right eye, then the right of the pupil of the eye to the left eye and the pupil of the left eye pupil before the start of growth volos.Dannaya task becomes even easier if you divide the mirror reflected on the face of the lipstick or cosmetic pencil, then the result will be the most obvious.

Step 2:

Then you can determine the type of facial contours: - The right shape of the face when the face is longer than it is wide in almost half times, it is perfectly symmetrical face, feminine okrugloe.- The square shape of the face, when the width of the cheekbones and forehead corresponds approximately to the width of the chin, and features the sharpest and pryamye.- oblong or rectangular shape of the face, when the length of the face wider than the chin and temples are located in a single vertical plane, round oval face has a wide forehead and round cheeks, and the width of the face at the same time practically corresponds dline.- oval face "heart" - a person who gradually extended to the temples and has a narrow chin oval face "diamond" has wide cheekbones, narrow forehead and podborodkom.- triangular oval face has a wide chin and jaw and narrow forehead.

Step 3:

Determine your type of an oval face, you can choose the right makeup, hair and even hair color.