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How to display shipitsu

Shipitsa - a plantar wart. Most often it appears on your feet under your thumb or the heel. Outwardly, it resembles corn, but consists of a bundle of thread-like growths. How to get rid of shipitsy?

How to display shipitsu

Instruction how to get shipitsu

Step 1:

To remove shipitsy there are a lot of people's way. Here are the most common.

Step 2:

Rasparte good pace for the night. Rub on a small grated horseradish root, put it on a small napkin from the bandage and apply to shipitse. Top wrap plastic sack to horseradish juice lasted longer. Tie the top and put a bandage on the night socks. Follow this procedure until shipitsa not come. Instead of horseradish can be used crushed leaves of young nettle or pulp from raw potatoes. Through time keratinized skin exfoliates with thorns.

Step 3:

For faster results, apply special means "Ferezol", which is sold in pharmacies. Before applying a compress of horseradish use this tool. For its application as well rasparte leg and lubricate the affected area with a cotton swab dipped in Ferezole. Smear shipitsu, depending on size, from five to forty minutes. At the same time continually moisten the stick a new solution. Pain sensation, this procedure does not cause. The only thing sure to open the window in the application of this tool, as it has a very unpleasant smell. After this procedure two weeks apply compresses with horseradish, stinging nettle or potatoes until shipitsa not turn into corn, which is neatly cut off. If you still have roots, grease them again carefully Ferezolom. After such a treatment on a foot leaves no scars.

Step 4:

For a more rapid method using acetic acid. To do this, cut a hole in the plaster on the size shipitsy and stick legs. Shipitsa should definitely get into this hole. Mix a 70% acetic acid to flour and the resulting mush apply on shipitsu. Healthy skin around it to protect glued patch. Above all the close up large plaster. And so it goes with this sticker 5-7 days, do not remove it, even when washing your feet. Then well rasparte and tear off the plaster with shipitsey. Immediately lubricate the wound a strong solution of potassium permanganate. If shipitsa not moved, repeat the procedure from the first time.