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How to do hairstyles for long hair

Long hair, no doubt, can be a wonderful decoration for any girl. Of course, the hairstyle, made for long hair, plays a role, but as the owner of long hair often complain about the monotony, and the inability to change the images and envy girls with shorter hair. However, long hair, you can make enough hair. So get acquainted with some of them, and part with the idea that the only variety that you shine - it's boring "ponytail" on top.

How to do hairstyles for long hair

Instruction how to do hairstyles for long hair

Step 1:

Beautiful and elegant look shiny straight hair flowing over her shoulders - a great and easy option for evening events, as well as for every day. In order to do amazing hair straight, you can not do without a good round brush and a hair dryer. Screw-on hair comb, starting from the roots (they should be lifted, as the volume of only decorate your hair) and pull slowly under a stream of warm hair dryer, strand by strand. When you defeat all - comb your hair, sprinkle them spray with gloss effect and optionally fix with varnish.

Step 2:

You can create "beachfront" the effect on the hair, and others will feel like you just came back from the beach. This amazing natural and romantic styling! Start by washing your hair and applying a moisturizing conditioner. Carefully comb and untangle knots smaller, until the air conditioner still in the hair, then rinse hair thoroughly with cool water. Soak up excess moisture with a soft towel, allow the hair to dry up quite a bit wet, and then take the gum (not very tight) and tie them in a bundle on top so as to obtain a kind of palm tree. some rubber bands can be used, if your hair is very thick. To avoid wrinkles and make beautiful waves protruding strands of the best, as it were wrapped around the base of the tail. Leave the hair to an almost completely dry, and then shoot forth and give individual strands textured with wax or mousse, albeit in very small quantities. This hairstyle can be decorated with beautiful flowers, hairpins, then get a tropical chic!

Step 3:

Naturally, romantic and at the same time a solemn look ringlets, started on long hair. It is perfectly possible to use a special nozzle or spiral curling iron, however, to cause the hair structure as little damage as possible, you should pay attention to the curlers. Wash your hair with a mild shampoo or conditioner, and then let them dry, comb into strands, carefully lift at the roots (this is important because long hair tend to "sag" by gravity) and curl in curlers. Once hair is dry, free them from the curlers, gently separate the fingers and a little fix with varnish.

Step 4:

Do not underestimate and ponytail - this hairstyle may look very interesting. For example, if you dry the hair with a comb, a brush, and then make a high ponytail and curl the ends with a special nozzle to curling or using the same round brush, curling them inward or outward.