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How to do massage

A good massage brings great benefits to the body, improving the condition of the skin, muscles, circulatory system and helping to deal with a variety of diseases. Therefore, carrying out massage skills can come in handy in the life of everyone. Of course, to do it professionally, you need a long time to learn, but it is not hard to master some techniques and independently.

How to do massage

Instruction how to massage

Step 1:

The best time for massage - in the morning after getting up or in the evening before bedtime. After a meal, or in the case of severe fatigue massage refrain. The time of the massage - from five minutes to half an hour.

Step 2:

Before starting the massage, remove from the hands of the ring, Shear nails, wipe the hands of alcohol-containing liquid. Apply to hands and body cream. It is believed that the dry massage has the best effect, but the use of creams or essential oils creates a more pleasant environment, herbal ingredients enhance the effect of massage, and you, in addition, less tired.

Step 3:

All massage movements do in the direction of lymph flow, but do not touch the lymph nodes themselves. Move from the feet to the groin, from the fingers to the armpits, from the top of the head to the temples and the back of the head, from the top to the bottom of the neck. Chest and back massage from the center to the sides. Massage should be done with both hands.

Step 4:

Full body massage is done in the following sequence: Stroking: the hands have to move so as not to cause discomfort, gently, without moving and without stretching the skin. As a result of these actions improves skin condition and metabolic processes in it, enhanced microcirculation.

Step 5:

Rubbing: your hands at the same time shift the skin and the underlying tissue. These movements are divided into two groups: warming - grinding, sawing, hatching, planing, etc., and stimulating tissue mobility - in a spiral rubbing the fingers, palms, fists, etc. This part of the procedure improves the mobility of tissue, stretch scars and adhesions, crushes different deposits.

Step 6:

Kneading the best acts on the muscles. You lock the fabric, lifted her, pulls, squeeze lightly and squeeze the release. This is one of the most advanced techniques in massage, as it is important not just to squeeze, but also the right to delay the fabric, so as not to provoke the appearance of hematomas.

Step 7:

Vibration is oscillatory movements and requires you to maximum power. It improves muscle tone and can restore extinguished reflexes, but at the same time as the impact on the various organs, then consider the state of internal organs.

Step 8:

Concluding massage, wash and rub the body massage brush, and then dry with a towel. After the massage, a person needs to dress warmly and avoid drafts.