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How to dye your hair in chestnut color

Chestnut Hair color is very urgent and loved because of their range of colors, from golden to dark chocolate walnut. This color looks harmonious and young girls, and to this lady.

How to dye your hair in chestnut color

Instruction how to dye my hair chestnut color

Step 1:

If you are the owner of the spring or the autumn-type skin with a light brown or green eyes and a warm skin tone, hair color is chestnut - that's what you need. The weight of coloring agents, the stores will help you choose the right shade. But do not forget that the result shown on the packaging may vary from the actual results. Therefore, it makes sense to use the services of professionals. Yes, money will be spent, but spared the nerves. This is especially important if you decide to become lighter than your natural color. In this case, the coloring at home face many surprises. And, at times, unpleasant.

Step 2:

If you still want to trust their gold handles and colors on their own, it is best to choose the right shade using a variety tinting shampoos. In this case, the failed color can be forgotten after several baths.

Step 3:

There is an alternative to all chemicals - are natural ingredients that give and chestnut shade and enrich hair with nutrients.

Step 4:

Henna with basmoj in equal amounts is particularly love the beautiful half. And all thanks to its healing properties and the cost of the penny. The duration of dyeing at least four hours. If the shade has turned red, correct the situation will reapplication Basma.

Step 5:

If you are a lover of coffee, use it to give your hair a dark brown shade. For this 4 teaspoonfuls favorite ground coffee boiled for 5 minutes in a glass of water. Writing cool slightly (to 65%). Add to the broth a pack of henna, and using a brush to the hair. Keep this mixture, wrapped her head, 45-60 minutes. Coffee here is great alternative Basma. Then rinse your hair with clean water mixed with a little vinegar (1 tablespoon per 1 liter of water).

Step 6:

Black tea (preferably granular) as a good tool in giving a brown tint to your hair. 2 tbsp. spoon pour two cups of boiling water, then over low heat for 25 minutes, drain. Wash your hair in the usual way, a little dry. Well moisten with broth hair. Wrap head with a towel (keep in mind, the towel can be painted). For imparting sufficient light shade 20 minutes for the more saturated twice. Rinse the hair is optional.

Step 7:

Nettle broth not only color, but also give your hair a natural shine and contribute to growth. To do this, mix 100 g of dry grass and a half liters of water and half a liter of vinegar, bring to a boil, then 30 minutes. After removing from heat, wait another two hours, wrapped pot. The resulting lotion to rinse hair after each wash and rub into the roots before bedtime. After a week or two you will rejoice her beautiful hair. Let your hair delight you with health and great color!