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How to dye your hair without yellowness

Blondes have always been in vogue. Therefore, most of the ladies are constantly attempting to lighten their hair. But the result is not always successful - unpleasant yellowing may appear instead of the expected color noble.

How to dye your hair without yellowness

Instruction how to dye your hair without yellowness

Step 1:

Generally, it is recommended to paint the hair in a beauty salon. An experienced master will choose the right paint, tell you what shade will turn out, whether it is right for you. If you paint the house, then consult with a specialist before staining, especially if the hair is damaged, there are split ends or perm. Postpone the painted if the color has small wounds or inflammation. Be sure to refer to the hairdresser, if the hair were colored with henna or basma. In this case, the risk of yellow, red or shade spots is very large.

Step 2:

If you do decide to be painted at home, do not wash hair for 2-3 days before the procedure. Begin to apply makeup to the back of the head. There clarification process is less intense. Therefore, underexposed paint, you run the risk of such unwanted yellowness.

Step 3:

Dilute the paint immediately before use, then promptly applied to the hair. It is also important that the paint was uniformly distributed. After all, the yellowness - is the remains of pigment, which is not fully oxidized. Therefore, a thorough staining of locks - the key to beautiful hair color.

Step 4:

As it is not banal sounds, but read the instructions carefully before you begin staining. Keep the paint on the hair for as long as it states.

Step 5:

Remember that not all lightening composition leads to the desired result. Some hair get the desired shade, if they paint composition, which simultaneously clarifies and gives shade of blond.

Step 6:

If after staining light yellowness still present on your hair, wash the head coloring shampoo. Well suited for this purpose, pearl, platinum, silver shades. They must be kept on the hair no more than 2-3 minutes. Otherwise you risk getting purple or gray. Colouring shampoos can be used every week, because after 2-3 washing yellowness may reappear.