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How to fix the nasal septum

nasal septum is a thin plate of bone and cartilage that separates the nasal cavity into right and left parts. Symptoms of curvature of the nasal septum, which require surgical correction, may include: crusting, breathing difficulties and frequent nosebleeds.

How to fix the nasal septum

Instruction how to correct the nasal septum

Step 1:

You can do an operation that involves the removal of a curved bone or cartilage areas. It is called "resection of the nasal septum under the mucous". During surgery the incision is made inside the nose, so the resulting scar will not be visible. Thus mucosa that covers the nasal septum is retained. After this operation, at the very partition holes will not - it is simply thinner and composed of fibrous tissue, rather than from the cartilage. In some cases, with a strong curvature, removed a large portion of not only cartilage, but also bones. In this case, to the nose shape is not changed from the outside, on the place of cartilage is inserted into the bone is flat plate of the deepest parts of the nose. This operation is called septoplasty.

Step 2:

At the end of surgery specialist fills out the nasal cavity with a sterile gauze pad, pre-soaked in the ointment. This helps to retain the swab sheets of mucosa and does not allow blood to accumulate between them. His only removed two days after surgery.

Step 3:

Operation of nasal septum is usually performed under local anesthesia. Thus for half an hour before the upcoming procedures make premedication, i.e. administered special drugs which reduce the sensitivity and increase the patient's local anesthetic effect. Further, at the beginning of operation mucosa anesthetic smeared, and it is introduced in the nasal septum itself. This creates sufficient anesthesia for surgery.

Step 4:

You can correct the nasal septum with a laser. If the laser to cauterize the cartilage, it will begin to pull away. True testimony to this operation are limited to cases of curvature of the cartilage in an unchanged condition of the bone of the nasal septum, which is quite rare. This procedure is done without detachment of the mucosa itself. That is why such an operation can be performed on an outpatient basis. There are disadvantages to this method of correction of nasal septum - severe burns mucosal healing for a long time to form a massive crusts.