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How to get a quick tan

Summer always comes suddenly. Even yesterday, the streets swept out with snow petals of flowering trees, and today is 25. And here you stand before a mirror, trying on tops, sundresses and light dresses. But alas, outdoor summer clothing looks bad on the milk-pale skin after winter. Let easy, but sunburn should be, if you're going to put on a dress with an open back. How to buy it, without waiting for July and August, and to do it quickly?

How to get a quick tan

Instruction how to get a quick tan

Step 1:

Sunbathe without sun. The simplest and fastest way to gild the skin in the absence of full sun exposure is the use of tanning. You can buy a cream-tan (avtobronzant) to store and use it at home, and can be sent to the tanning procedure in a beauty salon.

Step 2:

If you choose to do on their own, remember a few rules. First, use the tool in the evening. Once it is applied to the skin, it should be for at least a couple of hours to avoid contact with water, and clothing.

Step 3:

Use the peel before the procedure. Tanning emphasize all the roughness, bumps on the skin, but because of their better get rid of.

Step 4:

Try not to use tanning as a spray. Apply the product on the skin with a sponge or palm and rub thoroughly.

Step 5:

Be careful when applying avtobronzanty on the horny body - knees, elbows. Treat them as a last resort, causing minimum means.

Step 6:

On the face tanning apply in the least. Use avtobronzant, the label of which states that it is designed for the face. These funds are more forgiving.

Step 7:

Once the procedure is finished, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, paying maximum attention to cuticles and nails. Otherwise, you risk the next day not to leave the house without gloves.