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How to get better in the right places

If you have underweight and think that you do not interfere with a bit better, it is important to do the right thing, not causing harm to health. After all, it is necessary that the fat is deposited in the right places, and the figure was not large, and harmonious.

How to get better in the right places

Instruction how to recover in the right places

Step 1:

Many people believe that you can recover quickly, eating high-calorie foods, and attack the sweet. This is absolutely wrong. Sweets and flour products, carbonated drinks with lots of sugar have a very detrimental effect on the stomach and pancreas, and fat is likely to be postponed at the waist, it does not improve your figure. So make your diet varied and useful.

Step 2:

Correctly combine different products. Fresh herbs is better to use with vegetable oil, and meat with pasta and a variety of vegetables, it is best braised or steamed. This food is easily digested, provides energy, and does not lead to the deposition of unwanted fat.

Step 3:

Be sure to breakfast in the morning. It is better to get up early to be able to organize a full-fledged leisurely meal. For example, perfect oatmeal with butter, whole milk, fruit salad. A good breakfast will set up your digestive system to work and give strength to the entire working day.

Step 4:

Engage in physical activity. By spending the calories on the sports load, you can help increase the body weight is not due to excess fat, but at the expense of muscle that will make your figure slim and toned. Biking, jogging morning exercises with dumbbells - all this will help to gain weight exactly in the right places. "Siphon" Do not be afraid. To muscles began to look too large, it takes years of training and special exercises.

Step 5:

Eat nuts, bananas and avocados. They contain a lot of carbohydrates and are perfect for snacking, in addition, they have a lot of vitamins.

Step 6:

Before lunch or dinner, eat at least one sour fruit, such as kiwi. This will help to strengthen the appetite and a beneficial effect on the stomach. Thus, anyone can dial missing kilograms without harm to the figures, and for the benefit of the whole organism. Take care of yourself and corrects your health!