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How to get out of a black hair color

Repaint dark hair a different color is problematic. It is not always possible to get the desired result on the first try. Especially do not look for a great white, it will only achieve a 3-4 staining. The red shades are much simpler, but there are some nuances. Before you radically change hair color, think, and whether it is really you need.

How to get out of a black hair color

Instruction how to get out of a black hair color

Step 1:

If your hair was not previously painted, change their color to red or chocolate can be at home. Apply hair color on the entire length and hold for as long as it is written in the instructions. Of course, the perfect color and may not work the first time, but the tone will change from black to reddish.

Step 2:

If you have previously dyed his hair black, better wait for about two months or pre-lighten the hair. Then paint them a different color. You can use the Barber, who with the help of special tools make "a wash" in black. After that you can safely paint the hair.

Step 3:

Coloring in bright colors or white will take longer. Black responds poorly to bleaching, but this does not apply to the natural hair color. If you've never used paint, you can rely on the result, which is indicated on the back of the packaging of paint. But perfectly white, it is not likely to succeed.

Step 4:

If you dyed your hair black, you should be patient, for the color change will take about three months, because the paint can be no more than once a month. Especially this rule applies brightening agents. After each coloring, hair color will be lighter on 2-4 pitch. And of course, in the barber shop to make such a procedure is much safer than at home. Professional paint is easier to win the black color than those that are on store shelves.