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How to get rid of acne on the neck

Often, acne on the neck are caused by failures in the digestive and endocrine system. In this case, a consultation with an endocrinologist. Sometimes they are the result of taking certain medications, and, alas, your untidiness. In order to get rid of them, you will have to radically change their habitual way of life.

How to get rid of acne on the neck

Instruction how to get rid of acne on the neck

Step 1:

Acne can occur due to skin irritation. Therefore, purchase clothes devoid of high collars. It is better if your shirts are made of soft cotton fabric. The skin needs to breathe and not be subjected to unnecessary friction. Also, try to avoid touching the neck hair. It is better to wear a short hairstyle. Or collect hair in a ponytail.

Step 2:

Do not mask the pimples on the neck with the help of cosmetics. No powder and foundation. Thus, you will only reinforce the negative effects and increase the amount of acne.

Step 3:

Keep in mind that acne on the neck may be the result of poor personal hygiene. Therefore, wash your neck more frequently. Change bed linens at least 1 time per week.

Step 4:

Think about how you eat. If you really want to fix the problem, stop chewing on the go. Eliminate completely from the diet smoked, salted. You contraindicated for fried food. Do not get carried away with pastry and cut consumption of sweets. Also trigger the appearance of acne on the neck are strong black tea, coffee and carbonated beverages. Avoid fatty meats, but rather go to the boiled chicken.

Step 5:

Try to use folk remedies to help solve problems with oily skin. One teaspoon of tincture of calendula mixed with an equal quantity of honey. Add to this mixture a little boiling water. Dampen a cotton swab with obtaining funds and apply to problem areas. After half an hour, remove the lotion and wash the remains of a mixture of warm water.

Step 6:

Fresh cucumber grate on a fine grater and put a lot on a cotton swab. Attach to the pimple for 15 - 20 minutes.

Step 7:

Whisk in a solid foam egg whites and add to it a few drops of lemon juice. Apply on the skin for about 15 - 20 minutes.

Step 8:

Wipe problem places cotton swab dipped in yogurt.