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How to get rid of blue spots from acne

Ugly traces of spots appear on the face, if not carried out due disinfecting and treatment of inflammation. From blue spots will help eliminate several proven procedures that are done in beauty salons or at home.

How to get rid of blue spots from acne

You will need:

- powder concoctions, hydrogen peroxide; - Green clay, rosemary oil; - Blue clay and lemon juice; - Tomato, starch, cucumber pulp.

Instruction how to get rid of blue spots from acne

Step 1:

Consult a dermatologist to diagnose the defect inspection will be scheduled after the treatment, and the doctor will tell you how to get rid of blue spots on the face. First the doctor will cure acne themselves, and then select a set of procedures to eliminate the effects, which is suitable for your skin individually. At home you will be able to use the regenerative lotions, ointments, apply whitening mask.

Step 2:

Get rid of the blue spots from acne and help in the beauty salon. At beauticians have an arsenal of procedures, allowing you to quickly bring the skin in order - it is a variety of peels and resurfacing of the skin, such as mesotherapy, facial laser resurfacing, chemical peels.

Step 3:

If defects on the skin of a minor, try to get rid of blue spots of acne on their own, using folk remedies. The most effective is the mask of powder concoctions but it is only suitable for oily skin and is contraindicated for sensitive and dry and damaged. Gruel of concoctions and hydrogen peroxide in a ratio of 1: 1 should be put on the blue spots from acne, wash off after 5-10 minutes and smear yogurt to remove redness. The procedure is done with extreme caution: avoid contact with mucous mask and eyes, hands, protect the rubber gloves.

Step 4:

Good effect in the fight against blue spots from acne provide masks out of clay. Green clay with essential oils of rosemary, or blue clay well with lemon juice whiten the skin and lighten spots from acne. To paste of any of clay, add a few drops of oil or juice, make a mask 2-3 times a week for 10 minutes to complete deliverance from the blue spots from acne.

Step 5:

Lighten spots on the face will help mask from the pulp of a tomato (1 tablespoon) and starch (1 teaspoon). After the procedure, wipe the face cucumber peel or a few minutes, apply cucumber pulp on the blue spots.

Step 6:

In addition to cosmetic procedures, remember about proper nutrition and drinking liquids. In drawing up the menu, give preference to dishes, rich in fiber, vitamins and protein, avoid greasy, spicy, sweet food, forget the soda and fast food.