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How to get rid of bruises and abrasions

Bruising and abrasions on the body - a common occurrence in everyday life. To get rid of this disease can be, using proven recipes of traditional medicine. At the same time be sure to visit a specialist. An experienced doctor, examining the condition of the skin, prescribe the necessary treatment.

How to get rid of bruises and abrasions

You will need:

- hydrogen peroxide; - Iodine; - Potassium permanganate solution; - Bandage; - Plaster.

Instruction how to get rid of bruises and abrasions

Step 1:

If the impact of the skin of the body cover is damaged, immediately apply to this portion of the ice. Thus, the instant cold narrows blood vessels, leading to slow down blood flow to the site of impact. It is due to this procedure further bruise manifests itself not as intense. Ice apply systematically, with breaks. Chill injury is not more than 15-20 minutes. Remember that ice should be dry. To do this, keep it wrapped in a towel or package.

Step 2:

On the second day after receiving the injury proceed with the heating of the site. With this procedure you will achieve the gradual expansion of blood vessels, leading to resorption of even minor bruising.

Step 3:

Upon receipt of abrasion procedure with cooling and warming will not bring any result in tissue regeneration. In this case, immediately wash the wound using a weak solution of potassium permanganate or hydrogen peroxide. After that, cover it with a special adhesive medical gauze pad or bandage. Thus, the wound will slowly tightened and the pain will subside quickly.

Step 4:

To speed up the recovery process of the walls of blood vessels and tissues using fresh-water sponge. This tool quickly rid your body of a bruise. Bodyaga sale in pharmacies as a powder or an ointment. This drug is perfectly resolves infiltrates, resulting in a speedy recovery.

Step 5:

To prepare yourself means on the basis of fresh-water sponge, spread a small amount of powder with hydrogen peroxide to produce a slurry consistency. Apply this mixture on the affected area. Remember, ointment-based concoctions applied lightly to avoid causing skin irritation. After 15-20 minutes the remains of funds rinse with warm water. After that, apply on the skin nourishing cream. This procedure is carried out 1-2 times a day.