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How to get rid of dry ends

The dry and split ends, lifeless and unruly hair - all this is the result of an illiterate care and dysfunction of the sebaceous glands of the scalp. The use of such devices such as hair dryers, curling irons and hair iron, causing tremendous harm to your hair, dry and burning them. So how to fix your hair and get rid of dry ends?

How to get rid of dry ends

You will need:

- burdock, olive oil or almond oil; - Nourishing shampoo; - Vitamin complex; - Curdled.

Instruction how to get rid of dry ends

Step 1:

There is one relatively effective tool that will help moisturize the hair ends. Take a few tablespoons of burdock, almond or olive oil and slightly warm water bath. Liberally grease the ends of hair and leave on for 30-40 minutes. Then rinse the usual way. The oil will help protect your hair from drying out, which happens during shampooing head.

Step 2:

Great influence on dry and lifeless hair ends has a haircut hot scissors, hot metal literally solders tips. It will significantly improve the structural condition and the kind of hair they will not look dry and brittle. But it is worth noting that this method does not treat your hair, but only for a certain period improves its look. For best results, it takes three to five cuts in such a way.

Step 3:

Dry the tips are very thin, so easily torn and broken. They require careful treatment. Comb your hair only when necessary, use this brush with a few teeth from natural fibers. Avoid daily use of a hair dryer, curling and ironing, as well as mousses and gels, which are dried and heavier hair. Wash your hair problem it is recommended once a week a nourishing shampoo that is designed for dry and brittle hair.

Step 4:

No matter how you try to bring your hair in perfect order, you will not achieve a positive result, while not adjust the diet. Start the solution to this problem from the inside. Hair should receive enough nutrients for this include the power nuts, fish, grains, seeds, fruits and vegetables. Do not forget about vitamin complexes, the benefit in pharmacies there is a huge choice.

Step 5:

Good results for dry tip gives masks prepared from dairy products. Take the yogurt and gently heat in a water bath, rub in hair roots and spread throughout the length. Pay special attention to dry ends. Put on your head plastic cap and towel. Thirty minutes later, again rub yogurt into the hair and massage your scalp for five minutes. Wash away all the warm water with a mild shampoo.