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How to get rid of hair on the chin

The hair on the chin can ruin even the most good-looking image of a woman. With men all a bit easier, but they are trying to get rid of unwanted facial hair. There are many ways to do this, and it is a pity that many of them bring only short-term results.

How to get rid of hair on the chin

Instruction how to get rid of hair on the chin

Step 1:

The longest and most effective way - hair removal with tweezers. Take the usual tweezers and remove unwanted hairs on his chin. Do it better in bright light with a magnifying glass - so it will be easier to remove them. After the procedure, treat the skin with an alcohol or antibacterial lotion. Plucking hair shaving can not be replaced, especially women. The hairs grow back after shaving hard and become much thicker than they were previously.

Step 2:

Use the cream for depilation. It is better to use a cream designed for the bikini line, or take it for sensitive skin - so it will be less likely to get burns. Apply the cream for 5-7 minutes (look on the package), then rinse and apply a nourishing cream. This is not the way to remove hair permanently, you will have to repeat the procedure once a week.

Step 3:

Wax strips are also suitable for removing hair from his chin. But in order to save, you can not use all the strip and cut off a small piece of it. Firmly attach a strip of wax to the problem area and remove it sharply against the hair growth. Vegetation will be soon, but still grows back, so repeat the procedure as hair regrowth.

Step 4:

You can go to a beauty salon and spend the hair removal with the destruction of the bulbs. Hair will not bother you anymore, but sometimes there are unforeseen situations, and the hairs start to grow in an incredible way again. If that happens, the long time, so you can easily make a miraculous process. But remember, when it may be minor burns to the skin, which will eventually have to disappear without a trace.