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How to get rid of stretch marks men

Stretch marks (striae) can be not only in women but also in men due to the stretching of the skin due to the gain or rapid weight loss, muscle building. Striae red and blue or white may be on the back, hips, abdomen, legs and arms, especially in the armpits.

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How to get rid of stretch marks men

Instruction how to get rid of stretch marks men

Step 1:

To get rid of stretch marks is difficult, so it's better to take preventive measures in the home. Massage the problem areas of the hands, greased with sunflower oil, in a circular motion.

Step 2:

Buy at the pharmacy of special cosmetics for everyday care of stretch marks.

Step 3:

Before the shower soap and rub your body with the push of the problem areas of a handful of coffee coarse to remove old skin cells.

Step 4:

Take a systematic contrast shower with massaging the skin with stretch marks.

Step 5:

After the coffee scrub or bath can have a massage with mummy, which contains useful biological organic and inorganic substances that promote tissue regeneration.

Step 6:

Any massaging should be done as follows: - start and finish stroking massage; - Start massaging movements from wrist to shoulder, from the foot to the buttocks, the thighs from the breast; - Belly massage in a clockwise direction in a circular motion; - Massaging the buttocks with both hands from the coccyx to the edges.

Step 7:

When you see small, thin stretch marks can refer to a painless cosmetic and medical care: seaweed wrap, superficial peeling.

Step 8:

In the case of long-term stretch marks can refer to surgical care, which can get rid of stretch marks from you: - a chemical or laser peels; - Subcutaneous microinjection (mesotherapy) are applied before or after peeling procedures, enriching the skin with essential trace elements and vitamins; - Surgical removal of skin with stretch marks (abdomenoplastika).