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How to get rid of the swelling and bruising under the eyes

The skin under the eyes is very sensitive - it is tender and delicate, any accumulation of fluid beneath it leads to edema. In addition, under the eyes is full of tiny blood vessels - capillaries. They tend to grow and shine, it is thanks to them that you are similar to the panda. To deal with these unpleasant events, we must first establish the cause.

How to get rid of the swelling and bruising under the eyes

You will need:

- drugs for the common cold; - A cure for allergies; - A multivitamin; - Gel eye mask; - Sleeping bags with tea, cucumber slices or potato; - Creams for the eye area with vitamins; - Cooling creams.

Instruction how to get rid of the swelling and bruising under the eyes

Step 1:

Contrary to popular belief, the cause of the swelling and bruising under the eyes is not the night sitting before a TV screen or computer monitor. To bring yourself sleepless night no need to such a state. The most frequent "culprits" of this appearance is nasal congestion, allergies, reduced adrenal function, poor circulation and lack of vitamins.

Step 2:

It is difficult not to notice that you have a stuffy nose. If so, then no lotions and creams did not remove edema. Begin to treat the cause and effect will pass by itself. The symptoms of seasonal allergies, in addition to swollen eyelids, are itching, sneezing, constant irritation of the nose and eyes. With allergies better to see a doctor, but if you can not afford to visit in the near future, try to make simple medicines sold without a prescription, such as, for example, "Claritin" and preparations psevdoeffedrinovoy group.

Step 3:

Start taking a multivitamin. bags under the eyes arise from the lack of vitamins, such as B6 and B12, as well as folic acid deficiency. Calcium and magnesium improves adrenal function. If you have problems with blood circulation, you smoke and eat a lot of salt, do not be surprised that the swelling and bruising - your eternal companions. Reduce your salt intake, stop smoking or at least reduce the daily dose to a minimum and your blood vessels become stronger and less prone to blood stagnation.

Step 4:

To quickly remove the swelling, make the eyes a cold compress. There is a special gel masks, which are so convenient to be cooled in the refrigerator, but if you do not have them on hand, it is quite suitable and proven remedy for thousands of years - thin slices of cold cucumber or potato. Bags from under the sleeping tea can also serve you well in the end, fit and ordinary metal spoon that you hold in front of this a bit in the freezer.

Step 5:

Do not give up modern means. Now on sale you can find the cream from swelling and bruising under the eyes, rich in vitamins C and K, different cooling creams. Remember that they must be applied light patting movements