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How to get rid of warts

Medicine has about 50 different types of warts. Some of them are quite harmless, but there are those who are able to multiply very rapidly. The virus spreads when this contact method. In any case, we should not expect deterioration of the situation, it is necessary both to remove a wart as soon as possible, taking advantage of the achievements of medicine or proven traditional methods.

How to get rid of warts

Instruction how to get rid of warts

Step 1:

Burning laser is the most common medical wart removal method. It is also possible to use acid cauterization procedures remove high frequency current, burning liquid nitrogen and excision under local anesthesia. After these procedures do not remain on the skin scars, preventing the virus from spreading to healthy skin.

Step 2:

Despite the advantages of medical ways to remove warts, popular continue to enjoy various folk metody.Natrite garlic clove and mix with vinegar essence. Add a little flour and knead the dough. A small cake apply to the wart, and glue on top of the plaster bandage. After 2-3 days, after removing the bandage, the warts will fall off by themselves. Sometimes the procedure must be repeated several times. Sores, warts remain in place, it is necessary to handle healing ointments.

Step 3:

The bandage treated with green liquid soap, apply to the wart. It softens and you can easily remove it. Mix garlic with lard and apply to the wart, closing a bandage until it falls off. You can use raw onion, soaked in vinegar for 2 chasov.Poprobuyte rub the wart rowan juice or sour apple instead of garlic and bacon. It should turn black and fall off after 10 days. The infusion of wormwood contributes to the weakening of the root warts and its easy removal.

Step 4:

If you will drop one drop of vinegar on the wart, it will come in a few days. Sores can also lubricate the juice from the stems or flowers of calendula, dandelion and milkweed, fresh onion juice ooze aspen. The oldest method of wart removal - applying to it a mixture of salt and the juice of horseradish. You can also apply a bandage mashed fresh leaves of wild rose or irisa.Poprobuyte make ointment of butter and dandelion root in the ratio 4: 1, or ointment of chalk and hemp oil in the ratio of 1: 4. Treat the wart several times a day.