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How to grow beautiful hair

That hair was strong, beautiful and healthy, you need to provide them with comprehensive care: nutrition, hydration, regular and proper cleansing activities to stimulate their growth. The combination of salon procedures and methods of hair care at home will help to achieve the desired result.

How to grow beautiful hair

Instruction how to grow beautiful hair

Step 1:

Hair must be nourished from the inside. Their enhanced growth and recovery facilitates a balanced diet. The weekly menu should contain seafood, fish, liver, dairy products, grains and legumes, vegetables and fruits. Required presence in vegetable oil dishes - linseed, olive, corn. Vegetables and fruits are preferable to eat raw, so they retained a higher percentage of vitamins and nutrients. Do not forget about water - adequate fluid intake of guarantees moisturizing and hair growth. Receiving special multivitamin formulations and dietary supplements for the health of the hair to saturate the body substances that affect the growth and structure of the hair.

Step 2:

Keep your hair out. Nourishing Mask with firming and health-improving effect will help protect hair from external influences. Ready industrial mask with active substances can be used no more than 2-3 times a week - they have a prolonged effect and protect the hair for a few days. Homemade recipes for beauty shag can be rotated and used on a daily basis - it all depends on the condition of the hair and the need for their further support.

Step 3:

Nourish your hair and make it smooth mask with egg yolk, herbal decoctions, olive oil and bran. Increased growth can be achieved by regular compress with cognac, pepper, ginger and yeast. All masks should be applied under the warm wrap - so their effects will be more effective.

Step 4:

Properly wash and brush your hair. Acquire the necessary set of combs, keep them clean and change periodically. Comb the strand to be careful, smooth movements in all directions.

Step 5:

Before washing the hair is useful to massage the scalp - it stimulates the hair follicles, hair growth accelerates. Do not wash your hair every day, as it deprives the tresses natural protective lubricant. After washing, rinse them need special balms and herbal infusions. Dry hair is naturally rather than using hot air jets - use a hair dryer 2-3 times a week.