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How to hide a double chin

It not always is the result of a double chin fullness. Sometimes it happens that the very slender girl with a round on the nature of the person facing this problem. There are several ways to visually reduce the lower face.

How to hide a double chin

Instruction how to hide a double chin

Step 1:

Go to the dry goods store and buy colorful scarves. In addition, pay attention to trendy this season, stoles and scarves. Thin tie scarves around his neck a beautiful knot. Wide scarf wrapped around his throat, and hide the ends under the free edge. Choose a similar accessory can go with any outfit. It would distract attention and partially hide the heavy lower face.

Step 2:

Sweater with neck and turtleneck perfectly disguise a double chin. A blouse with a deep neckline will switch the attention of others on a completely different part of the body. Importantly, do not wear shirts and blouses with round neckline. They only emphasize the volume of the lower part of the face.

Step 3:

Pay attention to jewelry. You will approach the massive long beads and chains. Pay attention to the decorations in the ethnic style of stone and wood. The larger beads are, the better. Such accessories visually stretches the entire silhouette and distract attention from the double chin. Long earrings are also perfectly cope with this task.

Step 4:

In addition to clothes and jewelry hide a double chin with makeup. Take the foundation of 1-2 shades darker than the one you use on your face. Apply it to the entire jaw from the jaw to the neck. Thoroughly blend the transition line from one color to another. Dark powder visually reduce the volume of the lower part of the face and hide the extra crease.

Step 5:

Pick the right hairstyle. Kare and smooth styling only emphasize the chin. You will approach a hairstyle with ragged ends and rather short hair, which accounts for the bulk of the level of the cheekbones. It balances the upper and lower part of the face, disguise a double chin.