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How to improve the shape of the breast after breast-feeding

Most women after the breast-feeding breast loses its shape, sag, and the skin becomes flabby, and her stretch marks appear. Correct this situation in several ways.

How to improve the shape of the breast after breast-feeding

Instruction on how to improve the shape of the breast after breast-feeding

Step 1:

The easiest option - to seek help from a plastic surgeon. After that chest again become attractive, you can also adjust its shape and size. However, this method has many disadvantages. First, the price of this procedure. Not everyone can afford such an operation. Secondly, there is no guarantee that everything will go well: recently appeared too much fraud, in the hands of which, many patients later regret and correct the situation impossible. Third, do not always after operations on the chest gland retain the ability to function normally, and no one knows if you can bring up after surgery a second baby.

Step 2:

It is better to try to cope with the problem alone. First of all, to restore the shape of the breast will help exercise. This is the usual push-ups, swimming, as well as classes on special simulators.

Step 3:

Do not give the breast droop help special underwear. But it is worth remembering that you can not wear it for more than eight hours, after which you need to take a break and sleep at night without a bra.

Step 4:

Restore the elasticity of the skin and get rid of the stretch marks will help special cosmetics: creams and masks. Also to solve this problem will help regular douche and use hard brushes and sponges. This tool stimulates the flow of blood to the skin of the breast and makes it more rough and rugged, causing stretch marks are invisible.

Step 5:

To make the tools for skin elasticity to be truly effective, watch your diet. The skin needed moisture, so you need to drink a day for at least two liters of clean water and give up salty foods.

Step 6:

To not have again after the next pregnancy to deal with stretch marks and restore the breast shape, get yourself a special lingerie for pregnant and lactating women, as well as regularly during the pregnancy and lactation use creams for stretch marks.