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How to improve the structure of hair

The hair can be beautiful, healthy and shiny by nature, or they can try to do so on their own. To do this, you must follow some guidelines that will help strengthen hair and improve their structure.

How to improve the structure of hair

Instruction on how to improve the structure of hair

Step 1:

Sometimes difficult to find a free minute, but it is not necessary in this case to save the time required for it to comb the hair twice a day. Try to spend a brush through her hair at least 100 times. Change the direction of motion at the same time they can be circular or zigzag. For combing hair is desirable to use a comb or combs made of wood, horn or stone, and brush with natural bristles.

Step 2:

Improve structure of the hair and improve their growth will help regular haircuts. Try to trim the ends of the hair every month, at least once every 3 months. First, the hair just will seem more voluminous, and eventually, improve their health. If the structure of the hair is severely damaged clarification, staining or himzavivkoy, the cut can be done with hot scissors.

Step 3:

Start taking vitamins. The basis set chosen must have a beta carotene, amino, silicon, sulfur, iron, zinc, vitamin C and folic acid. Do not lose sight of that vitamin therapy courses for the hair does not look like all the others. Improvement of damaged structure curl becomes noticeable only after 3 months of taking vitamins and minerals. Self acceptance rate should be 4 months, followed by a month to make a break.

Step 4:

In order not to aggravate the condition of the hair, give up the diets, since their compliance with the body is not getting enough of the necessary health shag nutrients and vitamins. Instead, give preference to a diet balanced and healthy diet. In your diet must include saltwater fish, poultry, beef, eggs, cheese, spinach, dairy products and others.

Step 5:

Equally important is to improve the structure of hair and the right care for them, which should include the regular use of shampoos, conditioners and nourishing masks. To rinse the hair after washing is useful to use a variety of infusions and decoctions of herbs. The best way to improve the structure of the hair to help nettle, burdock root, horsetail, hops and sweet flag.