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How to increase hair free

Fashion for hair extensions has appeared recently, but has gained a leading position among the various cosmetic procedures. Increase hair in the salon is not difficult, but it is absolutely free to do much more problematic.

How to increase hair free

You will need:

- Practice future specialists in hair extensions; - Strands and special pins for home hair extensions; - Tape strands.

Instruction how to increase hair free

Step 1:

Find out from friends and acquaintances, or look on the websites of relevant information. Perhaps, somewhere we need people (hairdressers, beauty salons, for training courses), the so-called "experimental", which will practice budding professionals. In such cases, as a rule, they do not take payment for their services, but in exchange, you must agree to become a "walking advertisement" their skills.

Step 2:

Try to build up your hair at home. But you need to spend at least the strands themselves. There is a "hot" and "cold" methods of building. special glue or resin, which are heated by a special device to high temperatures, and print in addition to the hair used in the hot. Of course, at home, you will not be able to use such methods, as you need to have special equipment and certain skills. Therefore, use hair extensions with metal beads or using special adhesive tapes - the tape capacity.

Step 3:

Also, you have to buy special little metal ceramic beads, with which fixed a lock of hair to your own. Color beads easy to pick up the tone of the hair, so they are not visible on the head. The strands attach to a distance of 5 mm from the roots. Using this method of hair extensions, you will save on barber services payment, and the materials themselves can be purchased at low prices at some online stores.

Step 4:

Use the belt build-up in the home. Each strand contains a special adhesive tape, which is peeled off, you can simply attach the artificial hair to her. This should, of course, very carefully, and it is better to call for help girlfriend. The advantage of this method is that it does not require any mechanical or thermal action on your hair.