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How to increase the beam eyelashes

There are numerous methods of eyelash extensions. One of the easiest - building beams. It can be done at home. The procedure is quite simple and requires only a master of accuracy and attentiveness. All materials for the building sold in shops of professional cosmetics.

How to increase the beam eyelashes

You will need:

- eyelashes beams 8, 10 and 12 mm; - A substrate; - Lamp; - Degreasing solution; - cotton buds; - Brush for eyelashes; - glue for eyelashes; - A small glass; - Curved tweezers; - Straight tweezers; - PTFE; - Hair dryer; - Solvents.

Instruction how to increase the beam eyelashes

Step 1:

Ask the client to remove all eye makeup. Contact lenses during the buildup to shoot is not necessary.

Step 2:

Place the client on the couch so that his head was at the level of your chest.

Step 3:

Separate the upper from the lower lashes special adhesive backing. If you do not support, use adhesive tape on paper 1 cm wide. Apply it on the lower lashes.

Step 4:

Stand behind the customer. Point source of light on his face. It is better to use a magnifier lamp, it allows you a better look at the location and direction of eyelash growth.

Step 5:

Coat the lashes with a cotton swab degreasing solution. He will remove the remnants of sebum, and the beams will last longer. Do you understand degrease eyelashes at their brilliance: raw glitter eyelashes treated - no.

Step 6:

Comb lashes brush.

Step 7:

Apply a small drop of glue to glass eyelashes. The adhesive can be either colorless or black. Black glue gives a look more expressive, because It looks like a thin line of black eyeliner.

Step 8:

Take the curved tweezers beam eyelashes 12 mm in length, and dip it in glue. To remove the excess glue touch the glass. If you are right handed, hold the curved tweezers right hand if left-handed - left.

Step 9:

Straight forceps in the left hand (for right-handers to) divide the lashes at the outer corner of the eye. Curved forceps glue beam in mezhresnichny period. If the direction of the eyelashes in the beam deviates from the natural, then turn the beam until the glue froze.

Step 10:

Similarly paste beam 8 mm long in the inner corner of the eye, and then 10 mm - in the middle of the eye. During the time while you glue the bundles in the inner and middle third of the century, the lashes at the outer corner of the eye will dry up, and you can stick to just one beam.

Step 11:

After gluing all the beams put on Teflon eyelashes. He will remove from them the excess glue, give strength and protect against contaminants.

Step 12:

Dry eyelashes cool stream of air from a hair dryer or simply obmahivaniem, for example, a fan.

Step 13:

After 10 minutes, gently peel off the backing and adhesive tape that separated lashes. Remove the adhesive residue from the substrate a special tool or nail polish remover.

Step 14:

Repeat similar manipulations on the other eye.