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How to keep the shape of the face

Crisp, not sagging facial contours and without a second chin - creates a youthful appearance, even if the lady forties. If the skin in the lower face tightened, even the wrinkles around the eyes become less visible. There are two ways to keep the shape of the face - to maintain skin elasticity using the procedures and tools for special care or with the help of daily exercise, simple but effective.

How to keep the shape of the face

Instruction how to keep the shape of the face

Step 1:

To save the cheeks of elasticity train masseter muscle. Those loads that we experience during the process of chewing food, insufficient. This muscle is severe enough and gradual loosening under the effect of gravity, sag and creates the effect of "flews" - saggy skin folds on the chin. From this and other associated muscle - temporal and three ear. Performing special exercises for them will not only tighten the muscles in the lower part of the face, but also to eliminate wrinkles around the eyes.

Step 2:

One of the most effective exercises for chewing muscles is wiggling ears. Sit in a relaxed atmosphere, relax and imagine the mind as your ears are raised, they try to help the movement of facial muscles. Try to take your ears back, extending his cheeks. No significant movement from the first time may not be possible, but in the course of daily training you will succeed.

Step 3:

Muscles are responsible for the shape of the face can be trained and do the following exercise. Push the middle fingers corners of her mouth. Try to stretch his lips in a smile, lifting the corners of their upwards towards the temples, the muscles at the same time have to strain, but the skin on the face should not move. Hold your smile for 6-8 seconds, counting to six, slowly return to starting position. Doing this exercise 10-15 times a day.

Step 4:

Close your lips tightly and form under the upper lip the ball out of the air. Roll it under the right and left cheek, upper and lower lip. Rest a few seconds and repeat the exercise again. Do it 20 times. It will serve as an excellent prevention obvisaniyuya cheeks, nasolabial folds will help smooth out the triangle, correct jaw line.

Step 5:

Save oval face help smiles and kisses. Physiologists say that kissing involves about 30 facial muscles, and with a smile - about 40. So Kiss and smile from the heart, it's a great gym, allowing maintain clearly defined chin and cheeks.