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How to keep youth not to resort to plastic surgery

Correctly say: my year - my wealth. However, it is desirable that it is not reflected on the exterior. The older we get, the harder looking for a panacea to preserve youthfulness. Crazy rhythm of life, the constant concern: the house, the children, the family did not allow enough time to pay yourself. It's a pity. It takes precious time, which can not be returned. But all is not hopeless. There are some simple ways to cheat age. The secret - in the use of fresh fruits and vegetables.

How to keep youth not to resort to plastic surgery

You will need:

Refrigerator with freezer, molds for ice, fruits: strawberry, banana, apple, kiwi, grapes or any other vegetables: tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes, cabbage leaf, etc., suitable for the type of skin cream scrub.

Instruction how to keep the youth to resort to plastic surgery

Step 1:

The most important condition for proper skin care - regular and not from time to time. Make it a rule to dedicate ten or fifteen minutes a day in person yourself. In the morning, after washing, apply a day cream. Summer - moisturizes and protects against solar radiation. In winter - moisturizing ingredients without softening.

Step 2:

we will need some more time the evening. First of all - to cleanse the skin. Use water or milk, to decide what is suitable. Then make a mask. Daily. Simple, fruits and vegetables that are in the refrigerator. Just cut the fruit juice and grease face. Such masks are convenient because they do not tear off from ordinary activities. Having put on the face, such as strawberries or tomatoes, you can go watch TV or cook dinner for the household. After twenty or thirty minutes, wash off the mask.

Step 3:

If the masks do not feel like or do not have time, you can quickly return to face a fresh view of a piece of ice. Just wipe immediately. Meltwater is very useful. Give it a good soak into the skin. Suitable for all types.

Step 4:

Once or twice a week thoroughly clean the skin, exfoliating. Once washed, can cause softening, baby cream. Let it soak. Only then apply a normal night. And do not forget the neck!