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How to lose weight on a diet Bormentalja

To combat obesity now there are so many techniques, diets, the effect of which is based on certain principles and implemented with different technologies. They all have a unique focus. Next, we will focus on reducing weight without limiting the body in food, namely Bormentalja diet.

How to lose weight on a diet Bormentalja

The main principle of the popular diet doctor Bormentalja - reducing diet. Bormentalja Diet provides a number of psychological measures aimed primarily at reducing the appetite and reducing stomach size. Also important is the development of habits and eat less food, but nevertheless do not feel hunger.

Weight Loss Psychology

The theory is primarily based on the principle that you can avoid overeating psychologically.

Weight Loss Psychology, # diet to lose weight #

Thorough development of diet Bormentalja received a few decades ago, a relatively new it is difficult to call. Technology diet based mainly on psychological consultation with a specialist in order to clarify the origins of obesity. The resulting information is used to combat obesity. Identify the causes of, as a rule, it makes testing.

health Mathematics

However, no less important in the diet of psychology mathematics: a diet is by counting calories. The clinic Bormental assure that the number of calories in the diet should not exceed 1000-1600 kcal per day. Only when such a restriction extra weight can disappear. That is, before anything to eat, you need to carefully evaluate your diet for the whole day, and it is better to write down everything.

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In addition, following in this method, it is necessary to organize and fasting days: 1 or 2 days a week should be possible to refuse to accept food or to minimize it (for example, may be a variant of the daily menu only of water and light cereals without salt and oil).


The diet aims to ensure that people could lose weight on their own to the optimum weight for him. When dieting for Bormental not desirable body weight physical exercise.

Experts advise patients to better spend more time visiting the various therapeutic treatments, including massage.

For information: Calorie 1 g of fat - 9.3 calories, 1 gram of carbohydrates - 4.1 kcal, 1 g protein - 4,1 kcal. 

Proper psychological motivation - this is the main secret of method Bormentalja, the same theory says that nevertheless, the earlier a person is aware of their need for weight loss than before taking this decision, the more chances he has to continue to occur less problems, including the psychological.


Cons Bormentalja diet, calories, vitamins poduktah

Many have noted in the foregoing big minus as sports person will not be able to quickly and significantly reduce the weight of minor employment, it is also very important to respect not only the caloric content of food, but its balance of vitamins and minerals the body needs to receive in full.

The circle of persons who can lose weight by this method, unfortunately, limited. Absolutely can not stick to a diet Bormentalja pregnant women, persons under eighteen, cancer patients, people with diabetes, as well as people with severe psychological problems.