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How to make a glazing hair house

Glazing - this is a special procedure for hair care that helps deliver nutrients and ceramides in the very depths of the hair and protect tresses from the adverse effects of the environment with a special film, or glaze, enveloping each hair. More recently, this type of care was only available in the salon environment. Currently, women were able to make frosting home.

How to make a glazing hair house

You will need:

- set for glazing; - Gloves; - plastic bag; - Gentle shampoo; - Terry towel; - Nourishing mask and balsam; - Air conditioning or spray on hair care.

Instruction how to make frosting home hair

Step 1:

Make frosting by using a special kit. It can be purchased in the online store or specialty, which sells professional products for hair care.

Step 2:

Before enrobing thoroughly rinse your hair with a mild neutral shampoo. A bit dry a towel. Dryer use is not necessary.

Step 3:

Apply a nourishing mask or balm. The funds you can buy with the kit for glazing, individually or take advantage of the means by which you systematically care for hair.

Step 4:

After 10-15 minutes rinse with warm water applied balm. It must be done very carefully, so wash off the mask or balm for as long as the hair flowing from the water is completely clear.

Step 5:

Mix composition for glazing in the proportions specified in the instructions of the manufacturer. Spread through the hair starting from the roots. Comb your hair is fine comb, lift up, cover with cellophane, tie a towel on top to ceramides by heat and nutrients penetrated into the very depths of the hair structure. In this way, to keep the composition on the hair have 40 minutes. To expedite the process, instead of using towels hot air flow from the dryer. Within 15-20 minutes, heat the hair through the plastic bag.

Step 6:

Then rinse the hair with warm water, towel dry. Apply stabilizing composition. After 5-10 minutes, rinse and apply conditioner or liquid spray intended for hair care.