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How to make a leopard manicure

Healthy and beautiful nails - decoration women. Optionally, to spend money on a hike to a beauty salon. Make high-quality and stylish manicure, you can at home. It is enough to show a little imagination. Leopard manicure come to different outfits, because it can perform in a variety of colors.

How to make a leopard manicure

You will need:

- three color varnish - a fine brush - colorless varnish - nail polish remover.

Instruction how to make leopard manicure

Step 1:

Preparation: - Put a couple of drops of liquid nail polish remover on a cotton pad. Carefully remove the old paint. - Give your nails the desired shape and length. - Apply cuticle nourishing cream. Move her apricot stick. You can use a special tool. - Degrease the nail surface. This can be a means for removal of a varnish. Use a liquid without acetone and formaldehyde. They destroy the nail structure. - Polish the nail plate using a special nail file. This procedure promotes a rush of blood to the nail and its growth. - To polish last longer, apply a base coat.

Step 2:

Background. -Choose A color that will be the primary. -Pokroyte Nail varnish. To get the color saturation, make a second layer. To not appear bubbles, wait until the previous dry completely.

Step 3:

Figure: - Take the contrasting paint. If the background light, the figure should be darker, and vice versa. - Apply a small brush irregular oval spots. Apply a layer of dense point that the lower layer is not translucent. - Take the black lacquer. Thin brush stroke the painted spots. Do not try to make a clear smooth contour. Ragged edges negligent will look more natural. - When drawing dries, cover layer of colorless varnish. It will protect your leopard manicure from external influences.