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How to make a side parting

The usual parting is an attribute of a classic hairstyle, but even the most traditional hairstyle will look original and sexy, if you create the hair side parting. Light asymmetry strict hairstyle will give your exterior finesse and elegance, as well as make look less formal and serious. Make hairstyle with side parting is very simple.

How to make a side parting

Instruction how to make a side parting

Step 1:

Before doing hair, wash your hair and dry them briefly under a hair dryer, but not before the end finally dried. Apply to damp hair mousse or spray styling, and then comb it and dosushit hairdryer, continuing to comb the hair downwards wide flat brush, pulling them and straightening.

Step 2:

After that, carefully divide the hair into two parts so that the parting was not in the middle, and right or left. Separate one from another part of the hair with a flat thin comb with long teeth and.

Step 3:

On the hair, split side parting, apply mousse and fixing, and then distribute it through the hair using a flat metal comb, which you are scheduled to parting. The hair will be more smooth and docile.

Step 4:

On the back of the head collect hair in a ponytail, smoothing them together to get a smooth hair, parted in the middle and not lost. Tie the tail rubber band, and then tighten the hair around the gum harness so as to obtain a neat bun.

Step 5:

The ends of the beam into the season with a rubber band, and then take the hairpin stealth and lock the beam with several parties that he held firmly, and hairstyle are not scattered. Secure the result obtained with the help of nail fixation, sprinkling her hair at a short distance.

Step 6:

Causing lacquer, immediately draw hands through his hair - it will help to better distribute it. Decorate beam rhinestones, a beautiful barrette or ribbon, if the hair was made for the solemn occasion.