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How to make a sloppy hairdo

Careless hairstyles have become very fashionable this season. But it is necessary to stipulate that if the negligence was the result of neglect and untidiness - you can not look stylish, feminine and neat. Paradoxically, seemingly disheveled hair - the result of efforts on laying and maintenance.

How to make a sloppy hairdo

Instruction how to make sloppy hairstyle

Step 1:

It argued that careless hairstyles can be created only in certain hairstyles, often short. It is misleading because the correct approach and a good imagination, you can give any negligence haircut with any dlinoy.Mnogie also wrongly believe that careless hairstyles fit not to any outfit - for example, with a business suit or evening dress they will not be combined. But rest assured that beautifully laid, this hairstyle is perfectly combined with all styles of clothes. So how do you make careless hairstyle? The basic principle is that you must look as if done hastily packing. Therefore, the best time to create a casual hairstyle - this morning, as soon as you wake up. If your hair is not too ruffled, you can not directly fix them with lacquer Brushing her hair, and hair is ready. Otherwise, give strands hands desired shape and then also fix the hairstyle. But this is the easiest, so to say, a method of laying household.

Step 2:

If you want your careless hairstyle looked more efficiently, consider the following tips. In order to make a sloppy bun, first lay the hair with a round brush, lifting them up. To keep your curls longer retain volume and lift at the roots of even more with the help of cold air jets (many dryers now have this feature), holding them with your fingers. Then zacheshite grabbing strands around five centimeters wide and gather in a bun at the nape.

Step 3:

For curly hair, experts advise laying a slightly different way in sloppy hairstyle. First, you need to put on clean hair mousse or a means to give volume. Then, each individual strand of whip and tuck with a hair dryer, and then twist into a bundle and fasten with a clamp. After the hair cool down after a hot air gun, shoot forth their hands, not combing. Those strands that formed poorly, lay with the help of forceps. Then secure them with wax, but watch out for the fact that it was not too much, otherwise it will burden the curls. Now curl your hands several pryadok the person and secure them with pins - hair style haircut gotova.Nebrezhnye combine both beauty, femininity, levity and ease. They are well suited for the strong and active women, as can emphasize and express their character and inner peace.