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How to make a zigzag parting

You decided to change your hairstyle, but do not know on what to choose. Try to start to make a little variety in your style. It is not necessary to cut hair. Make a parting "zigzag". It is very easy to perform and you do not need the skills. His parting popularity gained because visually increases the volume of your hair.

How to make a zigzag parting

Instruction how to make a zigzag parting

Step 1:

Wash your hair and dry them with a towel to a state of mild humidity. Ideally, to give the hair the splendor, you can spend tapering hair by using special scissors. But not everyone can do it yourself at home.

Step 2:

Prepare necessary for laying things. To give your hair volume, use a small amount of foam retainer or mousse. In addition to creating the volume, they will help to make your hair more resistant.

Step 3:

Decide in what place will be parted in the middle - at the side or in the middle.

Step 4:

Take a comb with a long thin end and use it to draw a line in the form of an arc from one ear to the other. The arc must pass through the upper point benevolent. Hair separate zones zacheshite forward so that they fall on your face.

Step 5:

On the line obtained arcuate parting mark the point from which to start, and will work to create the parting. The further this point will be on the center of the arc, the greater will be the resulting "zigzag". For example, you prefer to start with the left side.

Step 6:

Thin end of a comb draw a diagonal line from left to right. Hair zacheshite separated by this line to the right side. Then draw the same line, but from right to left. Now squeeze out a little mousse or foam retainer fingers and dampen the resulting "zig-zag" parting, and the resulting strand zacheshite it to the left side.

Step 7:

Continue in this way form a "zigzag", until you reach the forehead. Do not forget every strand you separated with a comb handle fixing means. Try to accurately and directly carry out all the lines, while maintaining approximately the same width of the polyline along the entire length of your "zigzag". Processing mousse or lock helps you keep the hairstyle in a few days.