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How to make hair with rollers

Every woman wants to look beautiful, no matter what age she was no - a young princess, or middle-aged woman. And to make a complicated hairstyle with your own hands, for example, pompadour or roller, it is sometimes much more pleasant than to leave the beauty salon obscene amount for a questionable result. Besides, if we approach the matter with the mind and the entire determination to which women are able to fight for the unearthly beauty, the hair will certainly take place.

How to make hair with rollers

You will need:

Combs, hairpins, clips, foam or lotion for hair styling

Instruction how to do her hair with rollers

Step 1:

To start zacheshite hair, located on the back of his head up. Left hand grab the hair at a distance of one third of the length of the horses.

How to make hair with rollers

Step 2:

Made from the roots of the tail wrap around the inside of the middle finger of his right hand. Fold-down ends and tuck them under the roller formed by itself. Roller located in the center, top secure grip, then podkoly top pins to curl the hair later fell out of the total beam. That hairstyle and ready to.

Step 3:

It looks nice hairstyle, if the roller is distributed evenly and in itself tight. From the assembled tail pull a couple of thin strands, giving them a small form a gel, and your hairstyle will be irresistible. This hairstyle looks great with feathery bangs. Make bouffant on top of the head at the roots, leave the side of a thick strand. The remaining hair roll roll and a good podkoly pins.

How to make hair with rollers