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How to make laying of waves

You have long hair? No modest bundles or tails! Dissolve them by the shoulders, do curls or ringlets, stack waves. Especially because the main trends in hairstyles - perky curls, lush waves and slightly sloppy packing, disheveled like a light breeze.

How to make laying of waves

You will need:

• Spray to create a basal volume • Straightening Balm (for rigid and curly hair) • Hair Dryer • «hair iron» • Hairspray

Instruction how to make packing waves

Step 1:

How to get sexy wavy hair like Jessica Simpson (Jessica Simpson) and Rachel Bilson (Rachel Bilson)? This installation is not going out of fashion anytime soon, because the wavy head of hair so sexy! To quickly put the hair in waves, dry them with a towel and comb. Distribute spray mousse in the palm (the size of a baseball, if you have long hair, a golf ball - if they are shoulder-length or shorter). Tilt your head and apply a mousse, starting with the roots on one side and then repeat on the other side of the head. Twist the strands, leave them to dry completely. Do not brush your hair.

Step 2:

Here's another advice on how to make packing waves: Tilt the head and the spray on the roots of the hair spray to create basal volume. If the strands of curly or hard by nature, then straighten them with the balm. Comb your hair (this means evenly distribute the hair). Dry with a hair dryer - it will give an additional obem.Zapletite braids, secure each rubber band (the number of braids depends on the density of hair). Warm each pigtail "utjuzhkom" - it will create the effect of free waves. Before you remove the gum, wait a few minutes, and then straighten the fingers pigtails. Secure hair hairspray.