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How to make quick hairstyles for long hair

If you are the owner of luxury long hair, it does not mean to go out you definitely need to constantly seek the help of professionals. There are many ways to make a "fast" hairstyles for long hair.

How to make quick hairstyles for long hair

Instruction how to make quick hairstyles for long hair

Step 1:

Make the most simple packing, collecting hair "ponytail". This hairstyle is suitable for almost any occasion. If desired, garnish with a head clamp or invisible, and the tail feathers decorate itself, which is very fashionable this season.

Step 2:

Gather hair into a bun at the back, screwing them clockwise and fix this elementary building pins or hair sticks. Released several pryadok - longer on the sides of the face, the shorter - from the front. Garnish with a decorative hair barrette. This hairstyle will look airy and quite harmonious.

Step 3:

Try another version of this installation. Treat the hair gel, collect them in a ponytail, secure with the tail rubber band, then plait braid. Wrap the braid around the gum and secure it with pins. You can position the beam at the back of the head or lower it close to the neck.

Step 4:

Apply hair wax, collect them in a ponytail, but so that one side strand remained free. Lift the hair up as if fold them in half. Then fold them in half again, holding them by the hand and gently dropping closer to the neck. Kill the hair pins, free wrapping strand.

Step 5:

Treat hair with wax. Make of the "pony tail" of hair, divide it into 2 parts. One of the strands tight tighten around gum second casually wrap around the resulting beam, the ends of her hair must be at the same time pointing in different directions. Fix the resulting hair decorative studs.

Step 6:

Braid two braids, placing them as close as possible to each other. Deal ends of hair wax. Make a bundle of braids, leaving the ends free.

Step 7:

Treat the hair styling cream. Braid hair in a braid, but so that one side strand remained free. Construct of spit vertical beam, fasten all bolts. Wrap the remaining strand beam, hide under the tip of the strands coiled braid. Take the paint and fix her hair.