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How to make effect "wet chemistry"

No matter how well you may look, there comes a time when you want to change. A good way to refresh your appearance - it is to make a new hairstyle. In order not to resort to radical methods hairstyle can be done on time.

How to make effect

You will need:

- Styling.

Instruction how to make effect "wet chemistry"

Step 1:

Wet chemistry creates the effect of the smoothness of curls, your hair look healthy and beautiful. Make a wet chemistry in the salons, using special funds for irons and small curlers. Hold such a wave of up to three months. If long-term chemistry does not suit you, you can make the effect of wet chemistry independently at home.

Step 2:

To achieve the desired result it is easier for those who have hair of medium length and thickness. On the wet strands, apply a gel or mousse with the effect of wet hair. Comb their comb with large teeth. Receives individual ringlets, which can form the way you want. Such a method is ideal for curly hair.

Step 3:

If you have short hair, you will need a minimum time for installation. On clean wet hair, apply a little styling. Also apply a remedy at hand. Use your fingers to separate the small curl and twist it. So do all the hair. Then several times squeeze curls into a fist and release. Temporal part and bangs can also tighten and can smooth out.

Step 4:

The most difficult to have a girl with long, straight hair. There are several methods of hair styling. On the clean hair, apply gel or mousse. Divide them into strands. Because each strand make a small bundle and secure the rubber band. Either make the flagella of each strand and also secure. Wait 40-60 minutes. Then fan the hair and a little shake hands. Dry hair dryer. Wet hair is a little towel dry and apply a means for laying. Put your head down. Hand clenched and unclenched her hair. Do this until the desired outcome. Such a method is the longest, but the best result.

Step 5:

And the easiest way to get the effect of wet chemistry - is applied to wet hair gel and dry their hair dryer with a diffuser.