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How to make the most rims

Bezel - a great accessory for hair ornaments. But sometimes it is insulting to meet a girl with a similar rim. After all, you want to get a unique and original way. In fact, there is a solution. Create a circle with their hands, treat yourself to a truly unique decoration. This exclusive accessories for sure will not be in any store.

How to make the most rims

You will need:

- wooden frame - thin nail or stationery needles - made of cardboard box - beads - spandex or elastic bobbin - strong reinforced thread - needle - decorative elements

Instruction how to make the most rims

Step 1:

You will need a bead machine. It can be found in any store for needlework and make yourself at home. Take an ordinary wooden frame of medium length. Gains or slide to the opposite side of the structure the same number of thin nails or needles office. The distance should be the same between them. If you have not found the frame, use a simple box of cardboard. Instead of nails on opposite sides of the knife make incisions.

Step 2:

Prepare the bobbin spandex or elastic band for the base of the rim. You also need beads of various colors, strong reinforced thread, special needle for beads and decorative elements, which you want, for example, butterfly fabric. Decide how many beads you'll need the width of the accessory. You can also use ready-made schemes (they can be found on the Internet).

Step 3:

Attach the frame as rezinochek desired length, which would match the width of the rim, and attach one additional rezinochku. For example, if you decide that the rim width is 12 beads, pull the design of 13 rubber threads.

Step 4:

Then at a certain distance from the edge of the frame to tie the last side elastic thread. Pre-Thread the special needle for beads. Now some stuff beads strung on a needle. Bead life may be any color of your choice or according to the scheme.

Step 5:

The thread with beads on the basis of the rim so that all the gaps left by the bead. Then in the reverse direction to move the needle under the base through a series of beads from below. Thus, you have recorded the first row of the pattern based on the rim.

Step 6:

Using the scheme, keep stringing the beads up until the bezel will not be the desired length. Next, attach the decorations, such as flowers or butterflies. Loosen rezinochek product from the machine.

Step 7:

At the end fasten the ends of the gum to close the circle in the ring. Put your accessory on your head and hide the knots on the back of the head under the hair. Now you can be proud of their individual and original crafts.