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How to make the right makeup for brown eyes

Women with brown eyes a lot more options for eye makeup than the owners of other eye colors. To emphasize the natural beauty, brown-eyed the fair sex should listen to some advice.

How to make the right makeup for brown eyes

Instruction how to make the right makeup for brown eyes

Step 1:

Owners dark brown eye shadow shades fit all - from the most delicate and transparent to the very rich and dark. Advantageously look at the dark eyes shadow color of plums, dark gray and forest green color. Suit and brown eyes dark gold and bronze shade with a metallic effect.

Step 2:

Owners of eyes hazel or brown is simply to try to do make-up with shadows of green, purple and bronze tones. And green and purple palette will look equally well in the daytime and in the evening. But not only these colors are shades suitable for women with medium-brown eyes. This eye color can be called universal, so you can apply any of you favorite shade. For a festive evening makeup, try a combination of neutral shades and pencil with the effect of metallic copper and bronze shades.

Step 3:

For women with brown eyes light color, there is one limitation in make-up - they do not use eyeliner in black and dark brown to select range in the shadows. If you want to choose a different color shade, avoid too saturated and vivid colors. When applied shadows on the outer eyelid Apply a neutral tones, and mobile - a darker shade of the same color. The border between the shadows blend with gold or green shades. This eye makeup technique is well reflected glare in the iris, and the eyes look bright and shiny.

Step 4:

If you have a very bright brown eyes - honey-colored, prefer the shades shades of champagne, bronze and purple tones. Accentuate the shape of the eye contour brown pencil.