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How to paint eyes blondes

On the question of applying make-up should be approached very seriously. Choose cosmetics is necessary, focusing on hair color and skin type. Blonde girl in eye make-up is necessary to give preference to cold shades. It is necessary to be careful with brown shades shadows - they can make the face and eyes sickly.

How to paint eyes blondes

Instruction how to paint eyes blondes

Step 1:

Day eye makeup should not be catchy. Therefore, fair-haired girl can apply a lighter shade of shadows. It can be blue, warm pink, lilac, beige color. It is desirable that the shadows were no clear-cut sequins, with a slight pearlescent or matt. Mascara should be applied not from the roots, but just a little touch up tips.

Step 2:

Blondes perfect makeup in the style of the eye of 50-ies. Take the eyeliner or black pencil sharpened. Draw a line along the lashes on the upper eyelid, starting from the inner corner of the eye, where it should be fine. As we move toward the outer corner of gradually expanding the line. Gently Bring her a little at the edge of the eye, slightly raised up. End of the line should be tapered gradually come to naught. As a result, an even trim line should get. Therefore, applying eyeliner best practice. Pencil is much easier to handle.

Step 3:

For the perfect evening is fashionable today in the style of eye makeup smoky eyes. Suitable for both black and gray, and blue-blue range of colors. First, apply a lighter shade on the upper eyelid and under the eyebrow. Then on the mobile eyelid, apply a darker shade and a thin strip, move the lower eyelid eyelashes at the most. In the outer corners of the eyes try to apply a darker shade of shadow most intensively. Then you need a round brush to shade border, to get a smooth transition of color from darker to lighter. Finally, you need to take your eyes along the lash line with a pencil or a similar color eyeliner starting from the inner corner of the eye and gradually extending the line to the outer corner. Then lightly touch up the eyelashes mascara. With this makeup lips eyes should be bright, they need to tint lighter shade of lipstick or gloss without contour pencil.