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How to photo design on nails

Photo Design Nail is their design using labels that have a pattern of photographic quality. As a result, the label applied to the nail can be decorated with sequins, colored gels, pieces of foil, Bulonki and other components for the design of nails. This method provides almost unlimited possibilities for the imagination and takes much less time than applying any paint pattern.

How to photo design on nails

Instruction how to make photo design on nails

Step 1:

Photo Design can be used in building, correction of artificial nails or nail manikyure.Podgotovte before applying the stickers. To do this, in the case of nails, apply a base coat of gel. Dry the lamp and remove the sticky layer, then apply to the nail white gel as a background on the place where you want the label was (then get the clearest picture). This application is not needed for a white background - it is applied only to the desired master pattern.

Step 2:

In that case, if you apply white gel with sequins or silvery sand, then the photo design will look brilliant.

Step 3:

In the event of Photo Design in the ordinary manicure, apply a background white lacquer in that place where there should be a sticker.

Step 4:

Cut a sticker form a rectangle manicure or nail shape appliqué cut around the contour (then when applying it on the nail background will not be visible). When this label must be smaller than the nail 1-1.5 mm. If necessary, you can make a few cuts, so that it is better to lay down.

Step 5:

Then peel off the label from the substrate with the help of a needle, the sharp edge of the nail scissors or own. Then, prying the edge labels, drag it with tweezers or a needle directly on the nail. If necessary, the label can dip into a gel (only in case of capacity) or the adhesive (in the case of nail polish), then label will slide on your nail, in which case it can be positioned where needed.

Step 6:

Cover the label with a thin layer of gel (at capacity) or clear lacquer (in the case of nail polish). Also, a manicure can apply a coat of fixative.

Step 7:

In the case of capacity after fix the gel in the tube, apply another thin layer of the same gel and make a decoration: edge pattern mask sequins or foil, and the pattern can be decorated with sequins, feathers, Bulonki or stucco.