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How to pick the shadow for green eyes

Skillful makeup transforms every woman, making it younger and more attractive. The beauty of the emerald eyes can emphasize various shades of shadows.

How to pick the shadow for green eyes

You will need:

-pastel shade; - Shades of brown tones; - Mauve shade; - Shades of purple; - Shades of green tones; - Shades of gray; - Golden shade.

Instruction how to pick the shadow for green eyes

Step 1:

Play with color combinations. Despite the fact that the green eyes rarely occur, there are many shades. All varieties marked in 4 main groups, and for each you can pick up your makeup. For the green with a dash of turquoise - dark green or light green to the eyelid and the eye is not looking one spot. If the green color is diluted with sparkles yellow - choose purple. Yellow and purple create a contrast, setting off the greens. Light gray-green eyes look more expressive, if you are using pastel shades. Saturation dark green eyes emphasize the dark color: plum, purple, chocolate. Otten contrasting base color: pink, purple or plum. Win-Win is a frame of green and brown.

Step 2:

Use for the base peach, cream, golden or light brown shade. For everyday makeup choose a calm and warm natural tones. All the eyelid, apply a light foundation, and on top - light brown shade. The eyelid crease blend under a dark gray or brown. For special occasions suit dark purple, dark green, gold and copper color.

Step 3:

Apply make-up of the multi-layered contrasting shades: pink, purple and green. To not look tasteless, better to experiment with shades in advance. Expressive eyes strengthen dark brown or gray eyeliner pencil. Be sure nakraste lashes with black ink. If the experiment is a success, in the evening light eyes will be extraordinarily beautiful. Pick the shadow for green eyes, taking into account the color of hair. Natural blonde with light skin suit peach and light brown shade. Brown-haired with green eyes can choose brown. For the red-haired ladies choice is much wider - suitable shade of various shades.