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How to preserve the beauty of a woman's skin

A healthy, clean and fresh skin - the main condition for female beauty. In order to achieve its ideal state, many women leave a significant portion of the family budget in beauty salons and cosmetics stores. However, to preserve the beauty of a woman's skin as possible and without significant costs, adhering to simple rules.

How to preserve the beauty of a woman's skin

Instruction how to preserve the beauty of a woman's skin

Step 1:

Avoid the stress and hassle. The skin is highly dependent on the nervous system. No wonder even the slightest experience can cause a rash, itching and other unpleasant symptoms. And in order to restore the lost peace of mind, do some yoga, meditation or take a relaxing bath with aromatic oils and sea salt.

Step 2:

Continuously cleans and moisturizes the skin. The toxins that the body takes through the pores, accumulate and cause increased bacterial growth. However, when washing is not recommended to use antibacterial soap - it is too aggressive and kills the beneficial microflora that creates protection against viruses and fungi.

Step 3:

Avoid dehydration. It is very strongly affects the skin, causing the appearance of early wrinkles and peeling. To avoid this, you need to drink at least two liters of clean water per day. The liquid that you get from food, fruits, juices, tea and other beverages does not count!

Step 4:

Take your vitamins. For skin particularly useful vitamin A, contained in orange foods - carrots, pumpkin, sea buckthorn, tangerines and oranges, vitamin B2 - in dairy products, vitamin PP - in rye bread, liver and kidneys, vitamin B12 - its a lot of chicken, fish and beef liver.

Step 5:

Take care of your skin, avoid exposure to the strong sun, wind and frost. All these factors cause premature skin aging, and UV is even able to trigger melanoma. To protect the skin, apply it nutritious and protective creams recommended depending on the season. Cover your face - in the bitter cold with a handkerchief or scarf, in the heat - umbrella and golf Panama. Wear clothing made from natural fabrics, because it allows the skin to breathe and does not cause allergies.

Step 6:

Maintain a healthy lifestyle. More walk in the fresh air, full eat, sleep at least 8 hours a day. Let these tips and banal, but compliance with them most effectively helps to preserve the beauty of a woman's skin.