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How to prevent the appearance of moles

Mole or nevus is a congenital skin development, or benign tumor, which has a viral nature, which was formed in the course of life. Moles are clusters of skin cells with a lot of pigment.

How to prevent the appearance of moles

Instruction how to prevent the appearance of moles

Step 1:

Avoid frequent exposure to bright sun without protective cream with a high filter, especially in the period from 11-17 hours. If your body quite a large number of moles, try to minimize the time spent on the beach, do not tan, choose clothes closed. Ultraviolet reduces immunity and causes damage to the genetic material of pigmented cells.

Step 2:

For this reason, refrain from visiting the solarium, especially if you are under 28 years of age (according to WHO). Special care to observe, if you are the owner of red hair, fair skin, blue eyes. The skin of such people are most susceptible to sunburn, which can then trigger the appearance of new moles.

Step 3:

Note that the reflection of sunlight on water surface, sand or snow increases the amount of ultraviolet radiation reaching the skin twice.

Step 4:

Pay attention to your family history. If your close relatives suffer from this pathology, as a syndrome of multiple dysplastic nevi, it is likely that you have the same problems. Refer to specialists for medical genetic counseling. Watch the pigment spots.

Step 5:

Regularly inspect your body for the appearance of new moles. In the event of a sharp increase in their number, immediately consult a specialist. Also, do not delay visit to the doctor, if the usual birthmarks do not cause any troubles before, suddenly began to grow, increased in size and changed color.